@maique Sounds like a lovely afternoon. I see tinyMoviestar is following in your footsteps.

@nitinkhanna I avoid Medium now at all costs. The platform has been ruined by the partner program members producing quantity over quality for the ££$$.

@jeroensangers Me too. But I’ve learned to relax about posting a specific number in a week or month. Now I slowly draft a post, paragraph at a time, and publish whenever it’s finished.

@ohBananaJoe Together we’ll beat the virus. Well done.

@maique @simonwoods @gregmoore Thanks guys. It's been a strange weekend, but we’ve tried to keep to regular routines.

@renevanbelzen I agree. In 2021, broadband is as much a public utility as water or electricity.

@jayeless @miraz @crossingthethreshold @tracydurnell @pimoore @odd @frostedechoes @ridwan Thanks everyone for your kind words. It means a lot. John is staying over for another night or two while he gets his head around what has happened.

@cliffordbeshers Wilderness and broadband do sound perfect.

@maique A great neighbour indeed and his speed is 72 mps already. He didn't need to.

@Miraz There is a technological divide in the UK. Plenty of haves and have nots. In our area, we needed a £1500 government voucher for each of the 200 homes to be profitable for the telecoms company.

@gregmoore A beautiful creature and well photographed. Sometimes I think you live in a bird sanctuary.

@dswanson Some people think those of us working from home do that all day. 😄

@artkavanagh It's a good point. With modern lives, we forget things like how to fall, something we did as children all the time. I buy fancy running shoes because I’ve forgotten how to run.

@alexsavin I love the message on the window.

@vincent I like very, very much. 🙏👍

@maique I’m sure you'll plan everything well. One part at a time. Be sure to keep up the microblogging so we can all go too. 😊

@maique I can not wait to see your pictures. They’ll be as close as I get to an overseas holiday this year. Bet you’re excited.

@jean So true Jean, about many things in life. I hope all goes well with the move.

@alexsavin How does London seem now that lockdown is easing? And will you be publishing the doc?

@frankm The flowers are out beautifully now. Lovely picture.

@hutaffe It makes a change from being caught in the headlights. 🐰

@jlelse I’ve been surprised running has not got easier over the years, so I must be doing something wrong. You're right to stop if you are constantly causing pain.

@pimoore @Gaby The iPhone makes it really easy. I went out and took the picture in a few minutes. If I had been using my Canon, I would have been fiddling for an hour with the settings.

@ohBananaJoe Fantastic.

@HauntedRadiator Thanks Ralph. We’re fortunate to have a view of the Mourne Mountains and the Co Down countryside.

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