@RossA Now, that looks like fun. 🎢

@mdrockwell @maique @pimoore I didn't gel with Mastodon and only just deleted my account this week. Maybe it was the server I was on, but I didn't understand most of the conversations.

@renevanbelzen Isn't it the same for all blogs? When you stop paying the host and domain register, all your articles, thoughts etc., disappear.

@odd I love the way Seth has mastered saying so much in so few words.

@jack I think your first paragraph says it all and why Instagram is a no-go for me. I opened a Flickr account recently to host some photos for family access, then began uploading some hobbyist pics. The platform has already rekindled my interest in learning to take better pictures. Flickr appeals to me, so I paid for Pro to support it. I recently read that Flickr is more for amateurs and 500px for pros, but it was only an opinion.

@manton I've added it to my favourites. Was the absent profile pic on your update a joke or a server issue? 😀

@jean That was probably the first and only ever letter of its kind. My sympathies on the back issue and I hope you feel more comfortable soon. I've had back agony for three weeks now and it's driving me nuts. I can't do a thing around the home and my summer leave was spent sitting down. At least we're having a heatwave, which helps.

@ChrisHannah I sometimes feel trapped too by the iOS ecosystem. After the latest few iPhones I've bought, I have experienced buyer's remorse. Guilty, I fell for marketing hype more than anything else. With an Apple Watch, M1 MBP and older iMac, I kind of feel stuck. The hardware is brilliant, but I will never use 99% of the features advertised. If I could manage an Android phone and keep the other Apple desktop devices, I would seriously consider it.

@adders No amount of salad can disguise a scotch egg. 😉

@pimoore It's never too late. I might buy a telescope someday.

@odd I'm fortunate to live in a relatively dark area. This time of year the sky doesn't darken as much compared to winter. It's still worthwhile going out though.

@pimoore @odd It’s why I love watching the night sky. I only have binoculars, but I look up in amazement.

@odd I know there is a lot of weird stuff around, but I saw an interesting doc on Amazon Prime. There’s a theory that alien visitors use inter-dimensional travel to reach us. Silly but entertaining.

@odd One of the fantastic sights of the night sky is Andromeda. A galaxy with billions of stars and 40% bigger than the Milky Way. And there are billions of galaxies. I can never get my head around it.

@vincent I’m over the moon with your involvement in Microblog. Congratulations.

@dejus Happy Birthday Rory from Northern Ireland. 🎉🎉🎉

@toddwachob That's good to know. Thanks.

@ReaderJohn And thanks by the way for the compliment.

@ReaderJohn The picture was taken with the Canon EOS 80D at 135 mm f/5.6. I always do a little bit of post-processing because I shoot in Raw but try not to go overboard. I always like pictures to look the way the scene looked in real life.

@artkavanagh I’ve often wondered if buzzards pose a risk to cats, but they never look too bothered.

@hollyhoneychurch It was a lovely way to end the day. It's not often we can sit outside after midnight. Three new heat records were broken this week.

@pimoore The image issue did make me think more about it. But I didn't think the platform was for me. I feel more at home on microblog whereas, on Mastodon, I felt no connection. Almost like I had gatecrashed a Star Wars convention dressed as Spock.

@cliffordbeshers Very true.

@crossingthethreshold @dejus I’d be surprised if David hasn't got it.

@rosemaryorchard 😆 Some people believed home working always had offices like that. We’ve been hitting near 30° again today in NI, so I availed myself of an outdoor recliner.

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