@wearsmanyhats I find it near impossible to have a regular posting schedule. The article today was the first since the end of May. But I learned to be ok with that. After all, nobody is waiting. 😊

@ohBananaJoe Beautiful creatures. Well worth a quick 30-minute visit.

@maique Sounds like a good day to me. 

@mjdescy A positive message to start the weekend. Thank you.

@ericmwalk @maique Silent Valley is a great place and is silent. All you hear are birds, water lapping and the breeze.

@purisubzi That's an amazing looking moth.

@hollyhoneychurch I love wild flower meadows. We've tried to turn a small patch of our garden into a wild flower bed, but no success yet. Grass keeps taking over.

@jack I always loved coloured vinyl, and picture discs. My favourite band, Electric Light Orchestra, issued nearly everything in coloured variants.

@ChrisJWilson @pimoore Many thanks. It's been an odd day though. I usually take off work on our anniversary but this year it wasn't possible.

@gr36 I’m well and truly tired of Apple taking us for granted. I wish I wasn’t so heavily invested in their ecosystem. But is the competition any better?

@Miraz I moved him gently to a higher position to keep him out of harm's way from our cats.

@cliffordbeshers 😂😂😂 That's what it's like. I kid you not. Last week I blew some dust off my Apple watch and the watch displayed the word f**k, and Siri said, ” I don't know what to say to that “. I mean, what chance do I have when Siri interprets my breath like that? 😆

@mjdescy My problem with Siri is my accent. She/he can't get Northern Irish.

@colinwalker I hope she recovers quickly. It must have been terrifying for you all.

@cdevroe A lot of good stuff, and hopefully, all those features will just be there without much of a learning curve. I struggle to remember all the things iOS can do.

@RossA oh, that would be great. Did you find trusted software?

@Miraz I love blue. It's my favourite colour and that is one beautifully blue place.

@cliffordbeshers I could do with a few days like that. 😻

@maique Brilliant portraits. Great to see a master in front of the camera, behind the camera, at the same time.

@DiplomaticDiva 🤣 or a 70s concept album.

@DiplomaticDiva A BIG Bee. Great photo.

@RossA I’m halfway through my review, but I've been using the tablet since January. It's a great device but not for upgrading when no. 3 comes out.

@RossA Ah, I checked your timeline in case I missed the special arrival. What do you think of your new reMarkable 2?

@RossA I love bird song. I’m sure you could have sat there for more than five minutes.

@Gaby A beautiful day and great memories.

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