📷 From today’s walk in glorious sunshine and 21°.

The week didn’t turn out as expected but I’m still on holiday leave for much of next week. Even better, tonight is pizza night. 🎉 🍕 🍕🍻

One benefit of a bad back is I have time to sit and sort photos from our 2019 trip to South Africa. The wandering Rhino one of many beautiful creatures encountered.

I assume most of my neighbours have showers since there are many bath tubs dotted around the local area.

📷 From my walk yesterday, this is my first HDR photo using the GRiii to capture three different exposures. Lightroom coped well with the handheld images.

📷 The first macro picture with the GR iii. I can see why users love the positive film setting and how it renders colour.

I’ve lots of settings to learn.

Day 3 of severe back pain. It’s not the summer break I anticipated but at least I get the chance to read the instruction manual for the new camera while feeling guilt-free about not painting the fence.

I used the wrong side-to-side motion mopping the garage floor yesterday. My back is agony today. Sunday has amounted to:

  • Lie in bed to 11am
  • Sit bolt upright in office chair watching YouTube : five hours
  • More sleep: one hour
  • Biggest risk: sit in a soft chair to watch a movie

Yay, my Ricoh GR iii order has shipped!

On tonight‘s walk, we enjoyed the balmy heat and the stillness of the countryside. Near home, the green light at the water pumping station begged for a picture.

With work and watching the football match, I didn’t see much of today’s sunshine. But I caught the sun setting on tonight’s walk.

Last day at work for a couple of weeks, with England v Germany at dinner time. 👏🎉

📷 🏃 From today’s run. I surprised myself and notched up 8 miles. I’m currently reading Danny Dreyer’s Chi Running, and I think it’s helping me ease the strain on the legs.

📷 From today’s run. I realise this might look like a boring picture, because it is. But I stopped on a flyover bridge and took a photograph of the very busy road using the Spectre app. It did a good job removing all the cars and lorries.

It’s the second morning in succession that I’ve awakened hours way too early. Work stuff floods my mind.

A minor glitch occurred with Mimi uploader, with only one of three pictures added to a post. Re-published via the web, and all is well.

Anyone else had issues with the latest update?

I enjoyed a short break from the computer by lying in the field behind our house and listening to the sounds. Jules kept me company.

Powerlines overhead.

The honeysuckle was alive this afternoon with busy bees. I love the scent of this plant, and it lingers in the cool of the evening.

📷 Today we had a wonderful time at the Silent Valley. A 10k walk, mountain views and the freshest air to fill our lungs.

🏃📷 On today’s run.

I like seeing white horses in yellow-flowered fields. These were a little far off.

Thankfully, the sign didn’t mention runners.

Thank you YouTube for introducing me to one of my new favourite bands. Why Tony Mansfield’s New Musik didn’t hit the top of commerical success I’ll never know. With hints of ELO, possibly because they were ahead of their time.

My poor old 2014 iMac has been showing the beachball more frequently of late. With 16GB of RAM, I don’t understand why it’s struggling, especially with no new apps.

I’m just back from a socially distanced, but physical face to face workshop. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to see colleagues from head to toe.

I can’t believe it’s a year since we visited the church of our wedding on our anniversary. And I definitely can’t believe we’ve been married 24 years. Time flies in.

A beautiful moth rested on the garage door this morning.

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