Today is the second full day with iPhone Mini. At switch-off last night, the battery percentage was a little over 30%. I can work with that.

On today’s walk, the breeze made waves over the wheat field.

The scent of the Hawthorne was strong this morning, and the Chilean Firebush is ablaze in the sunshine.

The iPhone Mini arrived today, and I have it set up. My first impressions are very positive. The Mini is comfortable to hold and feels like a phone again.

Oh dear, I might get into trouble now. I’ve just ordered an iPhone 12 Mini. The Pro Max has just ended my relationship with huge phones. Never again.

This decision will probably lead to my initiation with eBay. I don’t know which is the riskier.

📷 Colours and chains discovered on today’s lunchtime walk.

📷 🏃I hopped over a fence on today’s run into a wooded area. There was a beautiful carpet of bluebells.

The Mourne Mountains in the sunset.

100 Miles Per Hour

I wouldn’t say I like this week in May, particularly as the 13th and 14th fall on Thursday and Friday.

Eleven years ago tonight, at 11:15 pm, I watched Clint Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales. Only 15 minutes into the film the phone rang. It was Mum, and she sounded distraught.

The hospice called to advise Dad had entered the terminal stage and only had a few hours left.

In a panic, I got dressed, got my car keys and mobile phone, hugged my wife and headed to my sister’s house nearly twenty miles away. I never understood why I didn’t let my wife come with me, except for the possible need to shave a few minutes off the getaway.

Every second counted.

I have never driven as fast.

I reached 100 MPH on the dual-carriageway, grateful the road was clear that time of night. Carefully, I breached red lights in the town and met Mum at my sister’s house.

Another twelve-mile journey, and the three of us got to the hospice for Dad’s last few hours.

We held him and told him how great he was as he released his last breath. It’s the only solace I can squeeze out of that difficult time.

I’ve never watched Josey Wales since.

🏃 📷 I saw this pheasant on today’s run. I’ll never understand why some people would shoot such a beautiful creature for sport.

1Password is becoming more irritating with each update. There is something about the user experience that is tempting me to consider alternatives. Dashlane is high on the list.

The Crab Apple blossom is out lovely at this time.

Bedtime is beginning to creep later into the night. 1 am twice in a row is not good. 😩

I am very impressed with GeneratePress. The blog theme refresh has got the site speed down from 3.6 to 1.6 seconds. The customiser worked smoothly too in the backend.

I spent some time today sorting out a writing schedule. My ideas were scattered across Bear Notes, Reeder, and the WordPress drafts folder. Now I have a list of nearly 20 posts that will keep me busy for a while.

Alex Mills aka Viper007Bond

As part of the blog update, I regenerated post images using the well-known plugin. I was shocked to read the plugin creator, Alex Mills, died in February 2019. He looked so young.

Thanks to his colleagues and friends, Alex’s legacy continues, but his last blog post is heart-rending.

Today I openned a ko-fi account. It’s not a serious attempt to raise blogging funds, but I thought it would be fun to see what happens.

I haven’t linked to ko-fi because this post is not a hint - I know all microbloggers need coffee too; and on Saturdays, lots of craft beer. 🤗

Isn’t it odd how some services enable users to delete accounts with the click of a button. And then some like ConvertKit make you write emails and then send them through a legal department. 😳

Oh dear. It’s been five days since I posted to Microblog and Mastodon. That’s one side effect of spending time changing my main blog’s theme.

Everyday life is now resumed.

📷 🏃 I managed to snap my friend on today’s run. He never waits for me to get close, so I had to stop running and walk slowly up to where he was perched.

📷 🏃‍♂️I surprised myself with a nine-mile run today in glorious sunshine. The fields showed that it’s not only winter that provides bright whites.

But the highlight was seeing buzzards and crows fighting for supremacy over a newly ploughed field.

Some Hey users might find this interesting. One Year of Hey - Marius Masalar

📷 While sensible neighbours get ready for bed, we are calling the cats. But on a mild moonlit night, it’s not easy. They listen but vote to stay outside. We’ll give them a bit longer. 😻

It’s not looking good for the iPhone Mini.

Was the iPhone 12 mini a mistake? - Input via

Nomad Leather Case No. 3

I bought yet another Nomad case for the iPhone. It’s my third in two years, but the 50% discount for the new MagSafe version helped.

The folio version for the iPhone XS was perfect, but the equivalent made the iPhone 12 Pro Max too bulky. The new Nomad is the standard rugged case. Usually, I don’t use a case at home because I preferred the premium feel of the hardware. But the new Pro Max is too uncomfortable to hold. In fact, I’ll never buy a Max-sized iPhone again. Ever!

Ironically, I bought the new case to cover the sharp steel edges and make the phone feel like my wife’s 11 Pro.

First world problems, I know.

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