Welcome to my microblog journal.

My name is Alan, writing in secret on the internet as a strategy for keeping sane.

I’ve changed the blog’s name numerous times, but now I plucked up the courage to use my real name. We can sometimes be nervous about sharing our thoughts and opinions, which shouldn’t be the case.

Everyone has a right to express themselves, for better or worse. While I will try to avoid offending anyone, given the wide variety of human life on earth, I’m unlikely to succeed.

At least know the views and opinions expressed are at a moment in time and likely to evolve. Feel free to connect with me and share your thoughts.

I work in health and social care, have an Honours Degree in Business, and a Masters in, coincidentally, Health and Social Care.

Now, if I had to do it all over again, I would learn to code and be a developer rock star. 🚀

But when I attended college, computer science involved ticker tape and punch cards. Alas.


  • The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra
  • Living quietly in the countryside
  • My cats, Jasper and Jules (love ‘em to bits)
  • Sci-Fi


  • Shared toilets
  • Commuting
  • Political correctness
  • Clothes getting tighter

Can’t Understand

  • Why hotels only leave customers one roll of toilet paper per day; when there are TWO guests.
  • When a teenager, I didn’t particularly appreciate getting socks for a Christmas present when I love getting them now.
  • The burning desire to upgrade the iPhone every year.
  • The failure of Holywood to make a motion picture of The Six Million Dollar Man.

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