Danny Brown’s Little Book of Inspiration is a collection of blog posts. The conversion of posts into a book is a common approach amongst bloggers and marketers and not a bad one.

Danny’s little book is beautiful, and it makes me envious. I wish I could imagine and write about the ideas Danny has evoked.

The chapter titles have no apparent connection or theme, but as you read, you’ll see the journey.

Mortality, creativity, failure, the world and being yourself. Complex issues but described in stories. The book is few in words, but every post is a little work of art.

We have one shot at this thing we call life. We can either embrace it — and embrace those we share the moment with, of all creeds and religions — or we can let it destroy us. - Danny Brown

I reread the book after one of my dark weekends. To pick up Danny’s book (i.e. switch on the kindle) is the tonic I need. For example, his three-paragraph piece on the spirit of creativity protected my web presence from the delete button. That button always hovers in the background.

The author not only inspires you to look at yourself with compassion but reminds us there are good people in the world, who also deserve our compassion and help.

Failure is simply a word. A perception of what might have been versus what is. Danny Brown

You must live life to the full, ignore judgement and keep your eyes open to what is going on around you, or you’ll miss everything.

I’ve become more tolerant over the years, but I don’t know why or how. Beliefs held when I was 25 are different from how I see the world today. Nothing lasts, our lives are short, but our opinions are even shorter. Danny encourages you to look at life from all angles, knowing that what appears right today, may be different tomorrow.

A little book that makes you ponder who you are today. Danny’s ‘Little Inspiration’ is not a book you’ll want to read in one sitting. Take your time, breathe and allow the words to sink in. 📚📖

You can find Inspiration from the author’s website.