I think my day is going to amount to loading the dishwasher and lounging under the parasol. Then a walk in the cool of the evening. 🤞

The second cut of grass was taken today from the field beside home. The farmer left some mint humbugs behind.😊

I wasn’t the only one to spot the buzzard in the trees.

I saw one of our local buzzards in the trees behind our home. Should I grab the camera, or would it fly away in a second? I’m glad I dashed for the camera.

What was to be one of many pictures but the tripod broke soon after taking this one.

After some thought, I decided to delete the Mastodon account. I didn’t see the point.

I bought a new tripod last June, and it has never been far from home. Tonight I took it with me on a walk to photograph the moon, and a leg fell off. ☹️

But now I’m eating strawberries under the moon with my darling wife, and all is well.

Jules basking in the moonlight.

I’m beginning to wonder about the need for Mastodon, especially when it can’t fix the image loading issue.

The only way to enjoy the Sun at the moment. A hosepipe ban can’t be all that far away.

Tonight’s view from earlier as the Moon shines above a neighbour’s farm. It’s totally dark now as we pack up. Time for bed I think.

Oops. Another one, and it’s only Tuesday.

Another month and another funeral. Today we said goodbye to our Rector friend David. Cancer took him too soon.

My posts about heaven, hell and church focused on how some church members plotted against David. I hope they’re sorry now and regret their behaviour.

You may see the Mourne Mountains feature in my pictures and posts. This IPA is from the Mourne Mountains Brewery. Cashmere and Mosaic hops and mountain water.

Jasper eventually looks at the camera phone. I was starting to feel guilty taking more pictures of Jules. 😻

Barbeque Sunday afternoon, after the country’s hottest day on record. I am enjoying Beavertown Gamma Ray APA 5.4%.

I’m now on Flickr and if you’re there, let me know, and I’ll follow.

I intend to use the service for storage but have begun to make some images public because why not?

I have now adorned the Ricoh GR3 with an Eric Kim Wrist Strap Mark II. So far, I’m thrilled with this camera. It is capable of much more than Street photography, though that’s something I’d like to try.

After a couple of years, I have decided to go back to Google search. Duck Duck Go was good but didn’t help me find some things I knew existed. It was also relatively poor at filtering out duplicate content.

I am writing my next post in the shade on the reMarkable 2. And I might soon progress to doing nothing at all.

I’m only learning night sky photography but intend to post something so I can measure my progress. This one has stars nearly in focus!

Yesterday we enjoyed a day out before I return to work tomorrow. A forest walk, fish and chips by the sea, and a drive through the Mourne Mountains to our favourite ice cream shop.

Some profile pics are missing on Microblog. Has anyone else noticed?

I’m glad I went out after midnight to water the plants because I saw Noctilucent clouds—a rare occurrence.

A beautiful sunset to end a perfect day. The back pain of the last week has nearly cleared up. Nearly.

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