The honeysuckle was alive this afternoon with busy bees. I love the scent of this plant, and it lingers in the cool of the evening.

📷 Today we had a wonderful time at the Silent Valley. A 10k walk, mountain views and the freshest air to fill our lungs.

🏃📷 On today’s run.

I like seeing white horses in yellow-flowered fields. These were a little far off.

Thankfully, the sign didn’t mention runners.

Thank you YouTube for introducing me to one of my new favourite bands. Why Tony Mansfield’s New Musik didn’t hit the top of commerical success I’ll never know. With hints of ELO, possibly because they were ahead of their time.

My poor old 2014 iMac has been showing the beachball more frequently of late. With 16GB of RAM, I don’t understand why it’s struggling, especially with no new apps.

I’m just back from a socially distanced, but physical face to face workshop. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to see colleagues from head to toe.

I can’t believe it’s a year since we visited the church of our wedding on our anniversary. And I definitely can’t believe we’ve been married 24 years. Time flies in.

A beautiful moth rested on the garage door this morning.

I’m glad the day is over. One funeral and three pizzas later.

The light was above my head while I waited for the pizza to be prepared.

I thought I would be good and put a handful of small items into my Amazon basket to enable one delivery. But it didn’t work. Each item arrived today separately at different times. 🌍

I know I don’t run fast, I know I don’t race, and I know I’m not in a racing club. But I couldn’t resist buying a pair of Vaporfly Next % 2.

I bought them to try the running experience and for fun. They are the lightest running shoe I’ve ever encountered.

I watched the 23-minute version of Apple’s WWDC, and all the planned developments are very impressive. But I’ll never use or remember a fraction of the new features.

Look who came over to see the strange human out for his evening walk.

It felt good to get out and run this morning. Nothing beats the peace of the countryside. 7.9 miles notched up.

📷 The Californian Lilac is buzzing today with countless bees.

Despite the sad news this weekend, my wife and I took my Mum out for birthday afternoon tea. We didn’t have the heart to cancel as Mum had been looking forward to the day out for weeks. She can be lonely sometimes.

Well, not the Friday night I expected. Pizza and beer as usual, but bad news came later from my brother in law.

His wife died suddenly from a suspected aneurysm from rocket high blood pressure. She was only in her forties. We’re in a daze.

It’s music to my eyes. Thanks to a neighbour who worked on applying for a government grant, our area is getting fibre broadband directly to every house.

It means a likely increase from 36 mps to at least 300 mps. Some people are still in single figures.

The Buttercup flowers were as bright as the Sun today.

It’s very difficult to write today. The weather is hot and a walk looks more likely than a run.

I’ll see how I feel after a little Sunday nap.

An experimental nighttime shot with the iPhone 12 Mini. Looking over the field behind home, the remnant of the day lingers.

Tonight I subscribed to the premium extensions of the SEO Framework. It’s not that I really need the pro version but I’m keen to support the developer. The SEO Framework is an excellent plug-in, and there’s more to the WordPress world than Yoast.

Enjoy the weekend! It’s a bank holiday on Monday, so a long weekend ahead. Nothing like a good stout after a solid half-hour weeding. 😊

Last night I rushed for the camera to capture the flower moon. It had been so long since I used the camera, I hardly knew what to do. But I got one usable shot.

🏃 Not the ideal post-run refreshment, but then again…

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